Problem statement:

She is Sara, a project manager, and she felt the need for a map to accurately determine her location. Also, she  could not contact the driver to know where exactly he was standing.

User story:

User main problem 

Goal statement:

Checking the user's problem and the reason for this problem.

User journey map:

1.Add map 2. Add driver contact information

Paper wireframes

1.Add map  2.Add driver contact information

Digital wireframes

Before and after adding map and driver information.

Usability study:

List of application deficiencies based on customer needs.


We fixed the problem of the lack of map and the unavailability of driver information and designed a new mockup.

Accessibility considerations:

summaries describing each accessibility consideration applied in my designs.


Positive effects of adding customer access option.

Next step:

According to the needs and opinions, we will plan for the future design, which options are better to be added for the developer of the application.

App map:

In this section, we will show the complete separation of the App section and the subsets of the main option will be specified.